Site Evaluation

Site Evaluation Expertise

In addition to helping you build and customize your modular home, Hallmark Homes works with you to evaluate the land where the house will eventually live. We assess the land for topography, soil conditions, vegetation or tree removal, elevation changes, slope and grade issues, driveway design, utility integration, and much more.

We strongly recommend you contact us before purchasing land.

We have had instances when customers came to us with a property they already owned, only to discover the property required extensive modifications in order to make it appropriate for home construction, thus complicating their budget in unexpected ways—a problem that could have been circumvented if Hallmark Homes had been involved before the customer purchased land.

By having our site evaluation expertise in the land-buying process, you will ensure the purchased property meets your needs without breaking your budget.

Land Assessment

An essential part of the Hallmark Homes experience is having our land evaluation experts spend time at the site of your future home. These experts will walk the land with you, answer any questions, point out problem areas, and provide you with a detailed assessment of how the land will work for your future home. This assessment will then be integrated into the pricing for your home, so you can see how the site preparation will affect the overall budget.

Pre-Purchase Assistance

As stated above, we strongly recommend you contact us before purchasing land, because it allows us to help you identify the property that will fit your budget.

Our site evaluation experts know what to look for when analyzing property, which includes such variables as:

  • Soil conditions
  • Utility integration
  • Driveway design
  • Ledge removal
  • Excavation requirements
  • Slope or grade considerations
  • Tree or vegetation removal
  • Septic and leach field design

Site evaluation is an exciting part of the home-building process, and we look forward to helping you find the perfect piece of land for your Hallmark Home.