In-House Design

Custom Modular Designs

As part of our home-building process, we offer an in-house design service to help you finalize the designs for what will eventually become your completed home.

This service is most appropriate for individuals with specific ideas, budgets, and floor plan concepts. If you are still in the conceptual phase (i.e., unsure of final square footage, unsure of floor layouts, etc.), we can refer you to a local architect, who will work with you to finalize the initial details. However, if you already have specific ideas of the home you desire, we can work with you to produce a finalized floor plan guide with which to construct the home.

By building a modular home, you have control over your satisfaction with the final product. Our in-house designers will work with you to identify the ideal floor plan and materials for your new home. Want hardwood floors instead of carpets? Want to add a porch? Interested in an energy efficient heat pump? With Hallmark Homes, you get exactly what you desire.

Cost-Effective Customization

To help you stay on budget throughout the entire Hallmark Homes customization process, we advise customers to use one of our many modular home floor plans as the basis for their future home. These floor plans have been engineered to perfection, which eliminates much of the initial drafting costs, and come with the added benefit of established pricing.

Pre-existing Plans

Although we recommend customers begin their home-building process with a portfolio floor plan, we welcome customers to approach us with custom floor plans. Our in-house designers can modify and refine the floor plans to ensure they meet code and construction requirements, then we’ll utilize those plans to build your future home.

Unique to You

At Hallmark Homes, every customer receives a home built to their unique desires and specifications. Some customers want larger kitchens, whereas others want more bedrooms—we can accommodate any lifestyle requirement. Our long-standing experience in the industry, along with our relationships with reputable partners, allows us to create beautiful, unique homes that withstand the test of time.

Chesterfield Ranch
1996sq/ft 3br 2bath
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Let’s Get Started

If you are in the market for a new home, contact us today to discuss how we can create for you the perfect living space. Our in-house designers will walk with you through the entire process. They’re ready to answer any question and able to ensure you receive a final product in accordance to your unique specifications.