Our Quality & Value

The Hallmark Homes Difference

Hallmark Homes isn’t just a modular home construction company; we form relationships with our clients to help them every step of the way, from the initial consultation to the final landscaping touches. Our customers are our neighbors, and we strive to empower our local communities by creating tasteful, long-lasting homes.

Hallmark Homes is not a “volume” or “cookie-cutter” type of builder – we recognize that every customer that chooses to build with us has different needs and expectations for their home, and our professional staff accepts responsibility for making sure those details are effectively implemented. Our staff recognizes that it’s the little things that result in a positive customer experience: promptly returning customer phone calls, taking notes during customer meetings to ensure construction accuracy, and communicating the unique aspects of the home to the people responsible for building it.

We realize that a home is a significant investment and that our customers place a tremendous amount of faith in the Hallmark staff to ensure the home is built to their expectations. It is our mission to earn and sustain that trust.

Turnkey Financing

In the typical construction loan, the homebuyer often pays for interest that accrues during the home-building process. That expense would be in addition to the buyer’s monthly rent or mortgage payments as they await the home’s completion. That doesn’t happen in a turnkey financing situation. The loan begins when you receive the keys to move in, making it a much more affordable and hassle-free process to build a home.

As part of our commitment to customer satisfaction, we have formed relationships with numerous lenders, each of whom have long-standing reputations for customer service and appreciate the value of our turnkey financing.

Unlike construction loans, turnkey loans do not accrue interest while the home is being built. Furthermore, you do not have to make any payments until the home is constructed, which means there is less financial stress to worry about while you await completion of your new home.

Turnkey financing is available in a wide range of loan types, including VA, FHA, Rural Development (Guaranteed or Direct), MSHA, and conventional. You can learn more about the benefits of turnkey financing here.

Construction Management

An essential part of the Hallmark Homes experience is the inclusion of our modular home project management service. Our responsibility includes oversight and management of the house construction process, from start to finish.

Our responsibilities as your general contractor include:

  • Permit applications
  • Providing temporary utilities (e.g., generators, portable heaters, etc.)
  • Managing material deliveries
  • Coordinating permanent utility connections (i.e., electrical power, sewer / septic, water, etc.)
  • Scheduling subcontractors and tradespeople
  • Obtaining site surveying and engineering
  • Disposing or recycling construction waste
  • Scheduling necessary inspections (e.g., bank, customer, and / or codes enforcement)
  • And so much more

When you work with Hallmark Homes, you work with a company built to support the production of your home. We have the know-how and industry expertise to see every step of the project brought to its perfect result.

The Hallmark Warranty

Every Hallmark Home project comes with a “bumper to bumper” warranty for a one-year time period. This ensures that the buyer walks away completely satisfied with their purchase.

Additionally, all branded products (e.g., windows, exterior doors, shingles, heating systems, etc.) will have their own warranty from the manufacturer (or the respective manufacturers).

Our Vendors

We could not produce such quality homes without the help of our dependable vendors, which include the following companies: