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Turnkey Construction

What is Turnkey Construction you might ask? Builders frequently have differing definitions of this service (if they offer it at all), but Hallmark’s description goes like this: a hassle-free building service, whereby the builder, not the customer, is responsible for coordinating and managing all facets of the construction process. Hallmark’s Turnkey Construction services include: preliminary site evaluation to help determine the best location for the home, septic system, driveway, and utility runs; completing the required permit applications; hiring, scheduling, and overseeing the work of all the various "trades" (i.e. foundation, excavation, well drilling, heating, plumbing, electrical, and masonry contractors) who will partner to finalize your home; and meeting regularly with the on-site carpentry crew to ensure that all elements of the home project, whether it’s the home itself, or decks, porches, and garages too, are all built to the highest standards of aesthetic and structural quality.

Consider the alternative, whereby the customer is responsible for acting as the general contractor for the home construction project. If evaluating a site, do you know what the home setbacks for the road and septic are? How about the maximum span for utility poles? If completing building permits with the town, do you know the material and thickness of your footing? How about the size and span of your floor timbers? If coordinating the various contractors to work on your site, do you know where the conduits in the home are located for the electrical runs? How about the acceptable (vs. unacceptable) levels of iron in your well? If overseeing the carpentry work on your home, do you know what the code requires for stair construction? How about the minimum header height that is necessitated for doors and windows? Chances are, you probably don’t know the answers to all, or maybe any, of the above questions. With Hallmark Homes’ Turnkey Construction the customer is not responsible for the myriad of questions and details that each and every project entails. The knowledge and experience to make the right decisions on-site are part of Hallmark’s service and value.

The founder of our company, Robert Sherman, serves as the general contractor for every Hallmark-built home. With nearly twenty years in the industry, it’s Rob’s experience that frequently makes the difference between an elegantly built Hallmark home vs. the "cookie-cutter" modular houses you often see dotting the landscape. It’s hard to put a price tag on his expertise, attention to detail, and tasteful advice, but with Hallmark Homes, these attributes are part of the bargain. Come and take a closer look at our model homes, our photo portfolio, or ask us for a personal tour of a project currently under construction – we think you’ll agree that the skillful and classic finish of every Hallmark-built home is easy to appreciate.